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Buildings and Upgrades

The main feature of the patch is of course the new upgrading system. It is placed in a new script. To activate it just make sure that the option 'New Upgrades' on the first section of the wogify menu (in the bottom left corner) is set and wogify the map. To try to build the new 'upgrade guild' RIGTH-click on your town hall building (or village hall, or whatever :P). All new buildings have only one and the same prerequisite to be built - you have to have a Castle. Of course, you also have to have the right ammount of resources. Each town type has a different builiding with a different price, a different animation and a different description. It is also good to know that the script is compatible with the town destroying feature - the standard right-click text will appear when it will be possible to destroy the town hall type building. After completely destroying a town the new structure will be destroyed as well.
PS. all notes only aply to the modifications done inside the optional script, not to hard-coded features.

The Heavenly Tower

This amazing construction reaches the ancient, magical clouds above our world, where some of Erathia's troops may gain new, mystic powers or open their minds for more knowlegde and training. Thank's to the Heavenly Tower you can upgrade:






War Zealot



Supreme Archangel

  • Nomads have their stats decrased to better fit their current roles (attack 6, defense 6, damage 2-4, HP 13, speed 6, cost 105 ).
  • War Zealots have a bit modified experience system (a few abilities deleted as they made them a bit too powerful at a certain level)
  • - Supreme Archangels are 20% more expensive (12000 , 6 ) and have +1 speed (19).

    cost of building The Heavenly Tower: 22000 , 30 , 30

    Order of The Sun

    In this temple dedicated to the mysterious cult of The Sun some of your creatures may find a completely new way to use magic. Elves learn to use it in order to combine with centaurs, pegasi riders learn completely new spells and gold dragons gain an even greater magic immunity. Thank's to the magic of the Order you can upgrade:


    Grand Elf

    Sylvan Centaur


    Silver Pegasus


    Green Dragon

    Gold Dragon

    Diamond Dragon

  • Sylvan centaurs are 25 gold coins more expensive (275 ) and at level 6 they gain the 'iron will' ability.
  • Upgrading a silver pegasus to a sorceress is not a very logical upgrade, I know, but up to the release date no better variant was found :P. Sorceresses have lowered stats (attack 11, defense 10, damage 7-9, HP 30, speed 8, cost 400 ), but still have their unchanged magical abilities.
  • Diamond Dragons are 25% more expensive (10000 , 5 ) and have +1 speed (17).

  • cost of building the Order of The Sun: 20000 , 25 , 40

    Cloud Castle

    The Cloud Castle is in fact an academy for the greatest achemists who can highly improve some of Bracada's creatures - in a magical way, mechanical way or both. Even the gremlins begin to behave better. Here you can upgrade:


    Master Gremlin

    Santa Gremlin

    Stone Golem

    Iron Golem

    Gold Golem



    Lord of Thunder

  • Santa Gremlins are now 80 gold coins cheaper (120 ).
  • Gold Golems have a bit lowered stats to fit their current role (attack 11, defense 11, damage 4-7, HP 40, speed 5, koszt 310 ).
  • In the 'hill fort' you can also upgrade gold golems to diamond golems, but they too have lowered stats (attack 13, defense 12, damage 6-10, HP 50, speed 5, cost 550 ).
  • Lords of Thunder are now 25% more expensive (12500 , 5 ).

  • cost of building the Cloud Castle: 25000 , 30 , 15

    Escaton's Crystal

    Escaton's Crystal is the only way into the mysterious Plane Between Planes, where some elementals may gain new powers from their Masters. Furthermore, the powers of Fire are beneficial not only for the fire elementals, but also for the phoenixes. By traveling through the crystal the following upgrades are available:

    Fire Elemental

    Energy Elemental

    Electricity Elementali

    Earth Elemental

    Magma Elemental

    Mineral Elemental



    Sacred Phoenix

  • Mostly because of the Phoenix's 'two per week' growth, the Sacred Phoenix has lowered stats, cost increased by 40% and +1 speed (attack 25, defense 22, damage 40-50, HP 350, speed 22, cost 7000 , 3 ). Note, that even with this cost 2 Sacred Phoenixes are only 2000 gold more expensive than 1 Supreme Archangel.

  • cost of builiding Escaton's Crystal: 20000 , 30 , 15

    Temple of the Snake

    This mysterious temple holds very strong primal magic of Tatalia's lizard ancestors. It's so strange that it can even transform a half-human, half-dog back into a human form. Thank's to it you can upgrade the following creatures:


    Gnoll Marauder



    Royal Basilisk

    Ancient Basilisk


    Chaos Hydra

    Hell Hydra

    - Rogues have a bit changed stats (some increased, some decreased) - (attack 5, defense 6, damage 2-4, HP 9, speed 6, cost 95 ).
    - Hell Hydras are 28% more expensive (9000 , 4 ).

    cost of building the Temple of The Snake: 18000 , 20 , 50

    Barbarian Citadel

    In this barbarian war camp the creatures of Krewlod may train through hours on end to finally master new, special battle techniques. It can even mean gaining a completely new form... In the Barbarian Citadel you can train:



    Boar Rider


    Ogre Magi


    Ancient Behemoth

    Ghost Behemoth

    - Boar Riders have a bit lowered stats to better fit an upg level 1 creature (attack 6, defense 4, damage 2-3, HP 8, speed 7, cost 70 ). Besides that at level 5 the also gain the 'double strike' ability.
    - Trolls have also changed stats, but not all of them are decreased (attack 14, defense 7, damage 8-12, HP 60, speed 6). They cannot cast 'bloodlust' like Ogre Magi, but they have a small chance of casting 'mass bloodlust' before every attack. The chance grows with experience gained to a maximum of 35%. From the 3 level they also have a chance of attacking with the 'double damage death blow'.
    - The Ghost Behemoth is now 33% more expensive (8000 , 4 ).

    cost of building the Barbarian Citadel: 19000 , 15 , 60

    Underworld Entrance

    By entering The Underworld some of your creatures may try to use its unpredictible powers to become more fearsome and fiery. By the Underwolrd powers you can upgrade the following:


    Medusa Queen

    Medusa Empress


    Minotaur King

    Blood Minotaur

    Red Dragon

    Black Dragon

    Darkness Dragoni

    - Darkness Dragon is now 25% more expensive (10000 , 5 ) and has +1 speed (16).

    cost of building the Underworld Entrance: 23000 , 25 , 35

    Hall of The Pit

    This hall may take you to the centre of necromancy itself, where the best adepts of death magic can make some of your undead creatures even more powerful. Zombies get the mummifying ceremony, wraiths learn not only how to regenerate themselves, but also how to use the life force of other beings and ghost dragons begin their process of mutation in spectral vaults. Thanks to this they gain new forms:

    Walking Dead






    Bone Dragon

    Ghost Dragonk

    Blood Dragon

    - Mummies have a bit lowered stats to better fit level 2 (attack 5, defense 6, damage 3-4, HP 25, speed 5, cost 170 ).
    - Ghosts have changed stats (mostly increased) - (attack 7, defense 7, damage 3-5, HP 18, speed 8 - note, that besides speed the stats are the same as with wraiths), BUT their special ability is now also changed - they can still raise ghosts from killed opponents, but now the new ghosts (that is - their number that exceeded the beginning number) VANISH after combat ends.
    - The Blood Dragon is now 33% more expensive (8000 , 4 ). He also has +1 speed (15).

    cost of building Hall of The Pit: 21000 , 25 , 35

    Kreegans' Gate

    When opened by the most powerful heretics this gate can take some of your monsters to the fiery world of Kreegans, where they can evolve into their new, demonic forms. This lets you upgrade the following creatures:


    Horned Demon



    Efreet Sultan
    Efreet Rajah


    Arch Devil

    Hell Baron

    - Werewolves have a bit changed damage (8-9), hit points (40) and cost (320 ). They stopped hating rocs and thunderbirds, but at a certain level they can get the 'protection from fire' spell and become fearless.
    - The Hell Baron is 22% more expensive (11000 , 5 ) and has +1 speed (18).

    cost of building the Kreegans' Gate: 21000 , 25 , 35

    All of the above upgrades are also available in Hill Forts. Furthermore, two more upgrades are also possible:

    Gold Golem

    Diamond Golem

    Hell Steed


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