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New Upgrades - Introduction

The kingdoms of Antagarich have continued their wars for many, many years after the awakening of gods. When they realised that the 8 level creatures are too rare to be a significant boost to their armies' strength, they began to search for new ways of gaining more power and more chances for victory. As the first, this time it were the Conflux Planewalkers that found a source of new powers. They remembered about the mystic, magical crystal that was raised some time ago by Escaton on the land of Jadame. The crystal was a portal to the mysterious Plane Between Planes (where the Destroyer, Escaton resided) and was destroyed by the Masters of The Elements. The Conflux Planewalkers, by using the pieces of the original crystal, managed to reconstruct this magnificent structure. It appeared that it had the same properties as the original and it could also take some creatures to the Plane Between Planes, where currently live the four elemental masters. However, the new crystal was not perfect. It could only transport a limited number of beings or it would become very unstable. So the Conflux lords decided that only half of the elemental forces will try to gain new powers by entering the Crystal - fortunately, they chose the stronger half - Elementals of Magma and Energy. Along with the second ones, also the Phoenixes could enter the fiery part of the Plane. The cost of the entire operation was enormous, however the advantage gained over other armies in many battles was well worth it. Although the elementals never tried to conquer Antagarich, many kingdoms couldn't bare the fact that somebody may be a potential threat to them - especially when remembering the old legends that say that in the past our world was many time destroyed by Masters of the Elements. And so the empires of Antagarich had no choice - they also began to seek new ways of improving their strongest creatures. This is how the next race for power started...

"New Upgrades" - what is that?

The 'New Upgrades' patch is the first serious, yet *unofficial* mod for the 'In The Wake of Gods' add-on. Why 'serious'? Because it uses not only scripts but also changes many graphics, animations, properties and even hard-coded features. And why 'unofficial'? For a few reasons - the most important is the fact that it contains a few recoloured creatures which in the present situation (after realising there's a creature number limit) couldn't enter the game as completely new creatures, but they were quite necessary to make as much logical uprades as it was possible. The only sollution was to *replace* some other wog creatures with the new ones, what for obvious reasons cannot be done in the official WoG versions. So taking this, as well as a few other reasons in cosideration I even didn't try to get the presented features into the offical WoG version, but in theory it is always possible.

This patch has one main goal - to give every town 3 new creature upgrades and a new building that would enable them. Although, those main elements are present in a new script (which is optional of course and can be turned on or off in the wogify menu), their realization required many unoptional changes in the game like replacing 6 creature animations. I remark: the patch was not created to introduce new creatures (they aren't the most important and the main work was not concentrated on them), but to introduce the new upgrading system. The patch was also made compatible with other WoG elements as well as it was possible and tested in search of technical errors or bugs. However it can still cause balance problems.

You can install 'New Upgrades' if you have the newest WoG version - 3.58F AND *you're plaing with the stack experience feature turned ON*. Otherwise, some creatures won't have all of their abilities. The patch probably will not be compatible with the 3.59 version, but I think that by then a new, compatible version will be made. If anyone decides to make a map using the elements from this patch, please add a note that the user must first download and install 'New Upgrades' before playing the map.

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