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The Halflings Mod (by Vlaad)


Beyond these walls lies the dread land of Eeofol, a land of tremendous volcanic rifts and prodigious lava flows.  Demons of all types and forms patrol the land, a land once fertile and green and populated by a peaceful race of little people called Halflings.  That was until the Night of Shooting Stars when the Kreegans came.  Now all that is left of their race is a few pocket villages.  The demons scattered them to the four winds and turned them into an embittered people with little hope and no place to truly call home.

But after the Reckoning, when most Elves and Dwarves fled to Axeoth, the Halflings reclaimed their homeland...

HALFLING TOWN, ERM script v1.0 (temporary script name: script83)

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Before you ask - no, there are no new creatures. It's just a custom script introducing:

- 17 new heroes (replacing Rampart heroes)
- Mystic Pond produces 3-6 Rocs a week
- Rampart creatures replaced by

Pixies > Sprites
Halflings > Rogues
Gold Golems > Diamond Golems
Sharpshooters > Lava Sharpshooters
Dendroid Guards > Dendroid Soldiers
Sorceresses > Enchanters
Faerie Dragons > Azure Dragons

- all the creatures count as Rampart troops
- Halflings are level 2 with stats similar to those of Archers
- the speed of Gold and Diamond Golems nerfed from 5 and 6 to 3 and 4
- if the Homestead is pre-built, the player gets 7 Golems... but on the other hand, no hero starts with level 3 creatures
- I haven't adjusted external dwellings in this version, but there is a hero who upgrades Dwarves and Wood Elves to Lava Sharpshooters (I'll probably change it in the next update)
- Rocs can be recruited for free in the Mystic Pond, but building the Fountain of Fortune disables this option (I might change this though)

Obviously, I haven't tested the balance of this lineup and could use some advice here. In other words, what creature stats should be modified? Feel free to post your suggestions in the mod's thread on Heroes Community!

New heroes:


Gertruda Goodchild
Specialty: Halflings
Starting Skills: Archery, Luck
starts with an Ammo Cart

Liam Lightfoot
Specialty: Logistics (but loses 350 gold per day on traveling expenses)
Starting Skills: Logistics, Navigation

Specialty: Pixies/Sprites
Starting Skills: Resistance, Pathfinding

Specialty: Estates (also receives a Clover of Fortune each level)
Starting Skills: Estates, Scouting

Specialty: Rogues (also gets a treasure artifact each level, but cannot visit Trading Posts or Black Markets)
Starting Skills: Logistics, Scouting

Dora Shadowbuck
Specialty: upgrades Dwarves and Wood Elves to Lava Sharpshooters
Starting Skills: Archery, Pathfinding

Arvoreen Goldworthy
Specialty: recieves a Warlord's Banner each level (or starts with hidden Leadership if Stack Experience is not enabled)
Starting Skills: Resistance, Armorer

Hector O'Tunnely
Specialty: Ballista
Starting Skills: Artillery, Luck
starts with a Ballista


Yondalla Silverleaf
Specialty: Slayer
Starting Skills: Advanced Wisdom
Starting Spell: Slayer

Lily Nightberry
Specialty: Fortune
Starting Skills: Wisdom, Air
Starting Spell: Fortune

Specialty: summons Dendroids in battle (but suffers movement penalty)
Starting Skills: Wisdom, Intelligence
Starting Spell: Teleport

Rose Tenderfoot
Specialty: First Aid
Starting Skills: First Aid, Wisdom
Starting Spell: Cure
starts with a Tent

Cora Periwinkle
Specialty: Mobile Veil of Darkness (also gains experience from Covers of Darkness)
Starting Skills: Wisdom, Fire
Starting Spell: Curse

Specialty: Sorcery
Starting Skills: Wisdom, Sorcery
Starting Spell: Magic Arrow

Regis Greenthumb III
Specialty: produces 1 wood and 1 ore per day
Starting Skills: Wisdom, Water
Starting Spell: Mirth

Brandobaris "Bob" Greenthumb
Specialty: produces 1 gem per day
Starting Skills: Estates, Earth
Starting Spell: Slow

+ Campaign hero (Ranger)

Tavin Quicksprout
Specialty: expert Ballistics
Starting Skills: Offence, Leadership
starts with a Ballista and an Ammo Cart

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- unpack all picture files to Heroes/Data folder
- unpack script83.erm and script83.ers to Heroes/Data/s folder
- check Halfling Town in WoG Options > Custom Scripts
- wogify a SoD or random map and choose Rampart

If you were a tester, you should delete all the old files first (HEROBIOS.txt, script83.erm and all the hero portraits).

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- delete script83.erm

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- patch by Vlaad (April, 2009)
- the code partially based on Fnord's work
- hero portraits by various artists
- thanks to: Cepheus, Salamandre and BAD

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Halflings Mod v1.0 (final) (628kB)

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Bugs, Support, Discussion

'Halflings Mod' thread on Heroes Community

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